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About Chatham Methodist Preschool 

We are a mission of the Chatham United Methodist Church. For more information about the church, please click here.

Our Philosophy 

Chatham Methodist Preschool was founded in 1970 with the belief that a child’s natural curiosity and love of play provide an ideal framework for learning.  That philosophy has never changed, 53 years of learning through play!

Hours of Operation

Chatham Methodist Preschool meets Monday through Thursday from 9:00am-3:00 pm, and Friday from 9:00 am- 12:15 pm. 

Our Program

Chatham Methodist Preschool is licensed by the State of New Jersey. We teach the Creative Curriculum as part of the Grow New Jersey Kids Program that exceeds the New Jersey State Preschool Standards. CMP prepares each child for Kindergarten by building their self-confidence through exploration. We celebrate each child's unique strengths and truly believe in our motto: learn, play, grow! 


Amy Crandall, Director

At the core of CMP's program is a dedicated and caring teaching staff with deep respect for young children. They recognize and value the power of play in the development of the young child. Young children learn by doing and need to explore, experiment and make discoveries for themselves through play experiences in order to make sense of their world. Play is the young child's natural learning mechanism and is critical to all areas of a young child's development.

Board of Directors
Chatham Methodist Preschool is run by a Board of Directors composed of parents. The Board of Directors consists of the Director, members of the Chatham United Methodist Church and parent volunteers. The Board is responsible for adhering to the mission of the school, overseeing long term development, maintaining fiscal responsibility, and seeing that the staff is fairly compensated.

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