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November 25, 2018

CMP will hold an Open House Tuesday 7:30-9:00pm for any interested families. Pleasehelp us spread the word.

Yoga forms are due December 3rd.

Don’t forget to order your scholastic books! We’ve extended the deadline until 5 pm tomorrow. Just go to scholastic.com/bookclubs. Our 5 -Digit class code is: GM4WH. 

Almost 2s

We only met one day this week, but it was an extra special one! We had a delicious Thanksgiving snack of blueberry muffins, strawberries and juice. (Thank you to all who made contributions to our party!) We made collages using dot markers, Thanksgiving stickers and feathers, we sang songs and did theme-related finger plays, played with our parachute (a favorite activity in our classroom), and read Give Thanks for Each Dayby Steve Metzger. We also walked our food donations to the drop-off site in the church. 


In addition to the theme-related activities we do each week, we also continue to work on our daily activities and routines. Our little ones are getting to be experts at entering the classroom without tears, moving their pictures on the class attendance chart, exploring the various classroom centers, and experimenting with manipulatives, puzzles, and art materials. They all now actively take part in group discussions and story time, and they sing and dance with enthusiasm!  We are thankful to have the opportunity to spend time with, and get to know, all of our students as they learn and grow.  We are so proud of each and every one of them! We hope you all had a very Happy Thanksgiving!  



Thank you to everyone who contributed to our Thanksgiving snack and celebration, it sure was festive! We had only one day last week but it was chock full. We brought our donations to the Food Pantry down to the collection site, thank you for your generosity. We are planting seeds of kindness, not just by teaching sharing in our class but also sharing with a neighbor in need. Thank you for helping us to teach such important lessons! 


This week we will celebrate our second Color of the Week – ORANGE. We will read Pumpkin, Pumpkinand My Little Orange Book. We will also create a page for our color book.  If you have an orange shirt, sweater, pants or even socks, wear them we will be talking about it!


3s(Orangeand Yellow)

This week we celebrated Thanksgiving in the Orange and Yellow Rooms.  We talked about what it means to be thankful and why we say, "Thank you" to other people.  We also read books about being thankful.  We shared things we were thankful for with the class and made funny little turkeys that listed the things we were thankful for.  We also made thank you cards and told our friends in class why we were thankful to be their friends. We sang songs about turkeys that wobble and turkeys with bright-colored feathers and practiced counting those feathers as well.  On Tuesday we had a Thanksgiving celebration!  Thank you to all the parents who contributed items!  The kids really enjoyed their special feast! Next week, we will start a new unit on Traditions and Weather.  We will begin by discussing what a tradition is and we will ask for your participation in helping us do so.  On Monday, you will receive a note card in your child's bag that asks you to briefly describe a family tradition.  We ask that you please send that back to school with your child the next day. We will be using it in class to help continue our discussion of traditions. On Tuesday, the Orange Room will be holding conferences in the classroom across the hallway from the Orange Room. Please arrive promptly so not to delay the conference proceeding yours.  Class will go on as usual for your child; Ms. Amy will be in the Orange Room! Yellow conferences will be held the following Tuesday, 12/4, make sure to sign up if you have not done so.


3s Enrichment

Looking forward to class this week.



We hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and enjoyed the long weekend.  The highlight of last week was our Sharing Feast. The class thoroughly enjoyed adding their various treats to the big mixing bowl and scooping out their snack.  The children wore their Turkey Headbands and Macaroni/Feather necklaces to the feast to add to the festivities.  Thank you to everyone for the snack contributions.


On Monday, we will recap Thanksgiving and talk about any special memories and favorite foods.  We will then add a page to our journal to record something special about the holiday.  This week we will continue on with the alphabet letters and practice more strokes on the white boards.  As we prepare for the upcoming holiday season we have many fun projects planned to incorporate fine and gross motor skills as well as letter recognition and counting.  Calling all parents....please let us know if there are any special holiday customs or traditions that you would like to share with our class! We would love it!


As the weather gets colder, please be sure the children wear a warm coat, mittens, and a hat.  Our playground is shady and can get chilly. We do go out most everyday weather permitting.  Please continue to help us provide a smooth day in the classroom by having the children use the restroom before entering the classroom in the morning.  Thank you to the Leonard Family for taking care of Flash & Lightning over the Thanksgiving break. Please let us know if any family is interested in taking them over Christmas break.


Conferences officially start this week.  The children will continue to have Lunch Bunch from 11:45-12:45 pm on Tuesday & Wednesday.  We will be covered by other teachers during this time so we can meet with the parents while the children are having lunch.  Please note the meetings are 15 minutes long. Thank you in advance for helping us to keep on schedule.  We will try to stay on schedule as we know the children have to be picked up at 12:45pm.  If you have a 12:50pm conference please make arrangements for coverage of your child at 12:45pm.  Looking forward to the week ahead! :)


4s Enrichment

Looking forward to class this week.


Kindergarten Enrichment

We had a great week in K Enrichment. We made a red room favorite: turkey headbands!  We delivered our cans and boxes of food to the church food pantry. We listed our favorite Thanksgiving foods and wrote about what we could eat to "save a turkey." We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, turkey and all!


In the coming weeks we will begin our countdown to Christmas!  We will complete many fun projects that will work our brains (following directions, assembling a craft) and work our hand muscles (tracing, cutting, pinching, gluing).  We will learn fun new games to help us build number and letter recognition as well as reinforce our sight words. We look forward to a fun month ahead! 


CMP Announcements

CUMC Holiday Sing for the 3 and 4 year olds will take place on Dec 12th. The United Methodist Women will host a luncheon and the Orange, Yellow and Blue Room students will perform with Mr. Hill. Parents are welcome to attend!


Shannon Newman will be hosting the CMP Board Holiday party on Thursday! Thanks Shannon!


FLU SHOTS are due December, don’t forget to plan accordingly.

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Dear Parents,

CMP’s collaboration with Minted will last the full month of November. We hope you consider choosing Minted when creating your family’s holiday card this year.  You will find their custom cards are beautiful and of high quality. 

Your unique promo code to support Chatham Methodist Preschool is : FUNDRAISECMPRES

f you have any questions about your code and distribution, feel free to reach out to Abra Wang!





P.O. BOX 61










November, 2018

Dear Chatham Friends and Neighbors,


The Chatham Jaycees would like to announce their 51th annual Christmas Tree Sale.  It will begin on Saturday, November 24th and continue through Sunday, December 23rd, at our tree lot on the corner of Main Street and Brooklake Road.  Weekend hours are 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. and weekdays from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. (weeknight times are approximate).  All proceeds from the Tree Sale and our Fishawack Race benefit civic and charitable organizations in Chatham.  Past recipients have included the following:  Chatham Education Foundation, Chatham Emergency Squad, Chatham Fire Department, Chatham Community Garden, the ECLC, Chatham League of Women Voters, Chatham Community Band, Chatham Boy Scout Troops 8 & 28, Chatham Girl Scouts, Chatham Library, and Chatham Senior Services, as well as various PTO’s, religious organizations and athletic clubs.  In addition, we provide a major scholarship for a graduating Chatham High School senior.  We are always in need of adults to help us supervise the sale.  Anyone interested in volunteering can call Bill Heap at 973.635.6134 (or e-mail: biliheap@verizon.net) or Jim Connelly at 973.635.0530 (or e-mail: jconnelly1963@aol.com) for details.


We appreciate your patronage!




The Chatham Jaycees



Chatham Jaycees make a generous donation to Chatham Methodist Preschool Annually to contribute to a project or scholarship fund. Please consider supporting them!











What is a Little Free Library?

A Little Free Library is a free book exchange. It belongs to everyone and everyone can use it.


Take Books

If you see something you would like to read, take it. When you are finished, share it with a friend, bring it back, or leave it another Free Library.


Give Books

It is up to everyone to keep this Library full of good reads. Bring books to share when you can ad continue being a friend of Little Free Libraries everywhere!


Fun Facts 

Founder, Todd H. Bol, started Free Little Library to honor his mother, a school teacher. Todd’s vision was a world where neighbors know each other by name, and everyone has access to books. He was heartened by the network of more than 75,000 Little Free Library stewards around the world dedicated to literacy and community. Todd passed on October 18th.


Today, the little book-sharing boxes can be found on urban street corners and at suburban malls, in cornfields, forests and lake sides, in subway stations in New York City, police precinct buildings in Los Angeles and a refugee settlement in Uganda. There is even a Little Free Library on the Yamal Peninsula in Siberia, for reindeer herders and their families.


Learn More




No soccer this week, the first session concluded last week. Instructions on how to sign up for the next session, coming soon.











Please join 

Ms. Kacy and Ms. Melissa for 

YOGA Enrichment at CMP!

Children will learn basic yoga poses, play yoga games, dance and read stories!  

Benefits of Yoga for Children:

-      Develops relaxation skills

-     Encourages healthy self-esteem and kindness

-      Fosters physical movement in a non-competitive environment


Thursdays with Ms. Kacy 

Almost 2s: 11:15-11:45am

3s & 4s: 11:45am-12:15pm


Fridays with Ms. Melissa

2s: 11:15-11:45am


Thursdays: 12/6, 12/13, 1/3, 1/10, 1/17, 1/24


Fridays: 12/7, 12/14, 1/4, 1/11, 1/18, 1/25


Cost: $80



CMP Yoga Enrichment 


Child’s name: _______________________________________________________


Date of Birth: _______________________________________________________


Address: __________________________________________________________


Parent/Guardian name:  ___________________________________________


Emergency contact number: __________________________________________________________


Email: ____________________________________________________________


Circle the class your child will be attending:  


Almost 2s with Miss Kacy, Thursdays 11:15-11:45am


         3s & 4s, Thursdays with Miss Kacy, 11:45am-12:15pm


2s, Fridays with Miss Melissa, 11:15-11:45am 


Please return this form, and a check made out to the teacher of your child’s yoga class (Kacy Leonard OR Melissa Walker), by Monday, December 3rd.  

Feel free to contact us with any questions!


Kacy Leonard                            Melissa Walker

kacyrleonard@gmail.com         melissaschadewalker@gmail.com

201-887-5617                             732-685-3073




Many, not all, want to use the bathroom during morning play. That is an important part of our day. Many social connections are made. "Children are faced with tough decisions such as with whom they want to play as well as what and where to play. Time is given for the children to work out these differences. It helps them develop language & conflict resolution skills. 

"The next step is the most critical piece...as they outline the materials (objects) they need, the roles each member will take on and how they will play. During this stage, children are forced to develop their skills in organization, communication and collaboration."  All that before play even begins!!! ****A Joyful Journey to Play in K by Molly Ziegelstein in the NJEA Review

The next two weeks we will be reading and talking about bees.



Last week was a busy week with Conferences on three evenings.   It was nice to sit and chat with all our families about our school year so far. We enjoyed getting to know you better. 

The Pizza Party was fun, thank you Katie Bealer for organizing the event.  A special thank you to Mr. Hill for teaching the children and parents the Pizza Song.

We have completed the first round of Show and Tell.  The-children can choose 1 item to bring in on their special day.  We ask that it not be a toy.  We encourage the children to tell at least 3 things about the item they bring.

This Tuesday we will have a simple Thanksgiving Feast.  Each child brought home a baggie to fill with the item listed on the note sent home.  The children each add their item to a big bowl and we mix it all together and enjoy the special treat.  We have talked about the fact that not everyone is fortunate to have enough to eat every day.  We have asked the children to bring a canned good to school.  We will all walk down the hall and add our items to the Church Food Pantry.

This week we will continue talking about Thanksgiving. We will be acting out The Door Bell Rang and reading some of our favorite stories and singing our "Thanksgiving Songs.”

We wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving and a safe trip if you are traveling.  We look forward to adding a page about Thanksgiving in our journals!


4s Enrichment

We enjoyed fiction and non-fiction books on turkeys and Thanksgiving. Together we discussed things we knew about turkeys as we read, All About Turkeys.

Next we painted the crust of our "pumpkin pies" and ripped orange paper to make the custard, ending with cotton ball whipped cream. We also used colored fruity cereal to stuff the fingers of a plastic glove ("feathers") and plain cereal to fill the body. Adding on the beak, wattle, and eyes made our turkeys come alive!

We hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends. We are thankful for our wonderful fours!

***Please remind your child use the bathroom just before putting on their coat. It is an important routine to establish. Many, not all, want to use the bathroom during morning play. That is an important part of our day. Many social connections are made. "Children are faced with tough decisions such as with whom they want to play as well as what and where to play. Time is given for the children to work out these differences. It helps them develop language & conflict resolution skills. 

The next step is the most critical piece...as they outline the materials (objects) they need, the roles each member will take on and how they will play. During this stage, children are forced to develop their skills in organization, communication and collaboration."  All that before play even begins!!! ****A Joyful Journey to Play in K by Molly Ziegelstein in the NJEA Review


The next two weeks we will be learning about bees. December 8th, Mr. Olsen will visit us and show items a real beekeeper uses!


K Enrich                                                                                                                         

We had a thankful week in Kindergarten Enrichment. We read stories about being thankful, and we talked about all of the people and blessings for which we are thankful. We will continue this theme on Tuesday when we bring our food donations to the church's food collection. Please remember to bring a non-perishable box or can of food to class on Tuesday.


We also wrote about being thankful. The children worked hard to ssstttrrreeetttccchh out their words and write the letters for the sounds they hear. As the children learn to do this, you will observe lots of "kindergarten spelling."  Vowels tend to be harder to discern, so don't be surprised to see "turkey" written as  "trke."  This is totally normal in kindergarten!


We have a very short week ahead (just Tuesday)!  We will talk about our favorite thanksgiving foods, and read and write about a way to save a turkey....by eating something else!


We hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!  Thank you for sharing your children with us.



Priority Registration for the 2018-2019 school year will begin on December 1st for all current and past CMP families and Church members. Registration will be open to all others on January 1st. We recommend that if you want to secure a spot for your child/children for next year, you register in a timely manner. Registration is collected by the date is received and numbered to build the class. Registration forms have been uploaded to the CMP website. Registration forms will be sent home this week in school bags and extra copies are available in the school office.


Soccer and Yoga classes will resume December 4th. Soccer information is attached. Yoga is being finalized with Church. Details soon.


FLU SHOT REMINDER, thank you to all who have returned your flu forms, if you need a form, they can be found in both school hallways at the information tables.

FC Futbol Foundation & Chatham Methodist Preschool: New Soccer session for 2’s, 3’s & 4’s – starts Dec. 4  

Soccer for 2’s, 3’s & 4’s 6 week session starts December 4

                               Class Location:

 Chatham Methodist Preschool                                                                                      Monday’s:

    460 Main Street                           *Soccer for 2’s (11.15am-11.45am)

*Soccer for 3/4’s (11.45am-12.15pm)

Cost: $80 per session



How to Register:

Contact: Chris Calveley, Director/Owner, FC Futbol Foundation

Cell: 973-818-0764, Email: cscalveley@fcfutbol.foundation

View schedule and register online through our website: www.fcfutbol.foundation