November 24, 2019

School is closed Wednesday-Friday for Thanksgiving Break! Enjoy the time with your families and friends!

We will be collecting nonperishable food items for a food pantry in association with CUMC. Thank you for bringing in items so that we can teach our children about thankfulness!                

Almost 2s Green Room

We had another great week in the Green Room as we continued our study of Thanksgiving! We sang Thanksgiving songs and recited finger plays, made pilgrim hats and free art collages at the Art Table, and put "turkey feathers" in our parachute! We also read Over the River: A Turkey's Tale.


We had a lot of gross motor fun this week! We finally got to enjoy the fresh air on the playground! We are becoming more adept at maneuvering around the playground equipment each time we go outside! We also danced with egg shakers, and learned a new "Freeze Dance!"


We made an important stride on Thursday when had our first "formal " Circle Time! The students attended beautifully and really enjoyed all of our circle time activities! We will continue to add components to this portion of the day as the children become more used to sitting on the rug.


We look forward to a Thanksgiving snack next week! Thank you to all who volunteered to donate paper goods and treats! We will also walk our non-perishable food items down to the donation site, so don't forget to send them in with your child on Tuesday. See you then!

2s Green Room

Orange was the focus in the Green Room this week! We sponge painted pumpkins for the orange page of our color books (our year-long project), played “I Spy” with orange objects in the classroom, and practiced saying the word in Spanish: “naranja.” We read Curious George Color Fun, A Color of His Own by Leo Lionni, and were excited to identify various orange objects on the pages of My Little Orange Book by Dorling Kindersly.


On Wednesday, we conducted an in-depth, multi-sensory study of corn. We read about where corn grows and how it is harvested. We looked at photographs of corn and then studied the real thing with our magnifying glasses. We also explored corn kernels using various senses. We used our pincer grasps to make corn on the cob at the Art Table, and strengthened our hand muscles and hand/eye coordination, when we used tweezers to pluck tiny foam pumpkins out of a sensory bin filled with corn kernels. 


In general, we continue to work important self-help skills, such as taking off our jackets and hats and putting them in our blue bags. Many of our friends are becoming quite good at performing some of these steps on their own! We continue to encourage increasing independence and suggest you do the same at home.  

Next week, we will celebrate Thanksgiving! We will have a little party at snack time (thank you to all who volunteered food items and paper goods) and we will take a walk down the hall to deliver our non-perishable food items to collection site for the Interfaith Food Pantry. We look forward to a short but festive week!

3s Yellow Room

The Yellow Room had another fun week with lots of great weather! Thanks to all the parents for the conferences, we loved talking about your children and sharing all that they have been doing in school. This week we continued discussing being thankful and also concluded the Tree Study by focusing on how we can help the earth through recycling. We used watercolor paint to make beautiful newspaper art and also had fun painting recycled materials. We loved learning about the recycling logo and practiced through games and discussing what lunch items go into the waste vs the recycling bin. Wednesday, we focused on corn, by making Indian Corn designs using paint and legos. We ate cornbread and fresh corn at snack thanks to Mrs. Cedrone (thank you!) and enjoyed learning about the many varieties of corn and the farming process. We enjoyed many books including; I Stink, Sam Helps Recycle, Stars, Stars, Stars and others Thanksgiving favorites.   


This Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY-SA-NC

For Thursday More to Explore, we started our Space Unit, focusing on stars. We made a star mural and talked about constellations and astronauts. We enjoyed our Morris Museum box filled with amazing photos and other treasures. Up next week: we will enjoy our short week by focusing on Thanksgiving. Please send in a canned good for our school collection and don’t forget the Sharing Feast!



Please have all outdoor clothing labelled and keep practicing the “flip” and zippers at home! Mittens are much easier than gloves so keep that in mind if you are buying some new ones! All should have received the information for the sharing feast for Tuesday, 11/26. Send the highlighted snacks in the bag provided so they can make the snack together. Enjoy the Thanksgiving break with family and friends!

4s Blue Room

The Blue Room had a busy week preparing for Thanksgiving.  We talked about the first Thanksgiving and read some books about it.  The children learned about the pilgrims, native Americans, and the Mayflower.   We learned about being thankful for many things and wrote them on our handprints.  Please visit our Thanksgiving Tree in the hallway!  Every day we continue to work on letter recognition in all of our names and counting by use of the calendar.  We are also working on cutting skills as well.  We covered the lowercase letter n last week.  We made pine cone turkeys 🦃 which were good practice for our fine motor skills. 


In our short week ahead, we will continue to talk about Thanksgiving and our Sharing Feast which will be on Tuesday November 26, 2019.  We will also sing our Thanksgiving songs.  Please be sure to send in the assigned treat in the baggie that was attached to the letter.  Also, we will be collecting non-perishable food for the food pantry.   Please let Mrs. Doherty know if anyone is interested in taking Flash & Lightening, our hermit crabs, over Thanksgiving Break.  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving break!  We wish everyone a safe & Happy Thanksgiving !!🦃🍁



4/5s Orange Room

This week we focused on kindness and friendship. We talked about what it means to be kind and how we can show others that we appreciate them. We made a kindness wreath that is hanging outside our door and we journaled about what we were thankful for. We also made friendship bracelets. Quite fittingly, we focused on the letter "f" this week and the sound it makes. We cut out pictures we found that start with "f". They were fantastic with this letter!!!


We held most of our conferences on Thursday, thank you for coming and sharing information with us about your child. We are looking forward to the few we have left.


Next week is all about Thanksgiving. You received a letter about our sharing feast, which will be Tuesday. Please bring in the item that was circled in the plastic bag provided on Tuesday. We will also be visiting the food drive and dropping off our donations on Tuesday, so don't forget to bring in an item to donate. (we have extra in case anyone forgets.)


There is no school on Wed, Thu or Fri next week. Happy Turkey day to all!!!



This past Friday for Out of this World we learned about constellations. They really enjoyed this activity!! We made star projectors. Each child designed a constellation. We brought the star projectors into a dark room and shined their constellations onto the ceiling. They had so much fun trying to identify the different projections. They brought their projectors home. To work them, bring them into a dark room and shine a flashlight into the open end. Their design will then project onto the ceiling or wall. The flashlight on your cellphone is the perfect size.


We do not have class next week because of the holiday, but we will be building a rocket ship the following week!!


K Enrich  Red Room

We had a great week in K Enrichment. We made two Red Room favorites: cup turkeys and turkey headbands.  We listed our favorite Thanksgiving foods and played Thanksgiving bingo.  We read stories which provided an alternate perspective on Thanksgiving: the turkey's! Then we wrote about what we could eat to "save a turkey." 

We also spent some time exploring sinking and floating.  We observed that shape, weight, and structure can all affect whether an object will sink or float.  Keeping those concepts in mind, the children made "Mayflowers" out of foil, and counted how many "pilgrims" (pennies) each boat could hold and stay afloat.

In addition to our usual fun, the boys have earned enough warm fuzzies to fill our jar!  We are so proud of their hard work and good behavior.  We have something fun planned, which we will enjoy the next time we have everyone in attendance.

**Please note that this Tuesday is our annual Thanksgiving food collection.  Please send one non-perishable food item with your child.  We will walk down the hall together to deliver our food items to the church food pantry. 

We hope our Kindergarten families have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Thank you for sharing your children with us!


General Announcements

Minted Fundraiser

The entire month of November we are partnering with Minted. Shop holiday cards and gifts on Minted using our promo code FUNDRAISECMPRES to give 15% to CMP towards our playground. And you will enjoy 20% off your Minted order for the entire month of November!  Yes 20%!!



50th Committee Needs Help! Any parent that can offer to help out the committee plan our event in April, please reach out to Jenn Bremmer at Thanks!


Parking headaches

We teach our children to be good neighbors. In our classrooms, lots of time and energy is devoted to teaching and practicing how to share. Well, I guess that goes for us adults too! The Senior Center uses our parking lot for bus trips and it can be challenging to park on days of the trips. On the following dates, we can expect the parking lot to have a few more cars, please be considerate and only use non numbered parking spots in the lot. Thank you for your cooperation! 12/3/19, 12/5/19, 12/10/19 and 12/11/19

Flu Shots

NJ Immunization regulations require one done of the flu vaccine for all children 6 months to 59 months of age attending a preschool facility. Please provide us with proof either attached form or an updated immunization record showing that you have received a flu shot by December 31, 2019(Form attached).  Forms are also on the hallway tables for your convenience. Thank you!


Handwashing before school

Thank you to everyone for helping us teach good health practices to our students! Washing student’s hands before they enter the class is a wonderful way to reduce germs. As we head into the colder months and holidays just a reminder that when you are washing hands the BEST way to eliminate germs is to wet hands with water, then put soap on the hands and rub for 20 seconds (hands should not be in the water) then rinse the soap. There should be lots of bubbles, we were scrubbing for 20 seconds. And, of course dry them off. We have placed a few fun songs in the bathrooms, ask your children/ren to sing them for you 😊