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Chatham Methodist Preschool

460 Main Street, Chatham, NJ 07928

Phone: 973.635.5261

About Us

We are a mission of the Chatham United Methodist Church. For more information about the church, please click here.


Meet The Teachers

Chatham Methodist Preschool – Learn, Play and Grow!


Research shows that children who are in developmentally appropriate play-based programs such as ours are prepared to enter Kindergarten with strong readiness skills in math and reading.  Each child will grow in self-confidence by exploring his or her unique strengths in our well-equipped facilities with our dedicated, nurturing teaching staff. Our students experience the joy that comes with discovery and learning! (Chatham Methodist Preschool is licensed by the State of New Jersey, enrolled in the Grow New Jersey Kids Program and exceeds the New Jersey State Preschool Standards.)

Our Philosophy


A phrase from one of our favorite Preschool songs...


 "I like myself and I like you too!"


...expresses one of our most important goals - to develop each child's self-esteem. In an atmosphere of acceptance and caring, the child's sense of self is nurtured and with it, the strength to grow toward independence and self-reliance.

As teachers at Chatham Methodist Preschool, we share our dedication to the development of young children.  We support their growth with acceptance, caring, respect and individual attention to each child and family.  We collaborate on ideas and programs to offer a program rich in developmentally appropriate activities.  Our academic backgrounds, related experiences, and years at CMP all strengthen our individual contributions to the program.  The entire staff of CMP work together as a team to offer a wonderful or gram for your preschool child..

Among us, we have 38 children, and 80 years of combined experience in education!!  Our personal dedication to our families, participation in activities from preschool through high school, PTOs, sports teams, scouts, church youth groups, community organizations is all reflected in what we continue to give to our CMP children and parents.


We encourage you to consider our program for your child.   Call about visits to our school,  where you and your child can experience our classroom environment. 


We look forward to meeting you!


Amy Crandall, Rory Chazen, Megan Decker, Lisa DiTuro, Cindy Doherty, Kathryn Fisher, Karen Laferriere, Kacy Leonard, Sharon Penn, Mary Reynolds, Bernadette Sabo, Chrissy Slattery, Kirsten Williams and Claire Young

OUR NURTURING ENVIRONMENT... Children are encouraged to explore a wide variety of learning experiences in a warm, relaxed and cheerful setting. Each child has the opportunity to choose from independent and group activities that build skills and stimulate the child's natural curiosity and creativity.


PARENTAL INVOLVEMENT... The warm rapport between teachers and parents is evident in the friendly greetings exchanged in the hallway each day. Families are always welcome and often contribute to the program with special talents, treats for special occasions and rides for field trips. Other opportunities for involvement include orientation meetings, parent/teacher conferences, occasional parent programs, our annual Fathers' Breakfast for the four-year-olds and their dads, the three-year-olds' Family Art Show and annual events such as Family Pizza Night and the Ice Cream Social. Parents serve on our board of directors, which supports the Preschool programs and operations throughout the year.


FREE PLAY... A major part of our program is free play, which allows each child to pursue his/her own interests while encouraging communication, exploration and decision- making. We offer a diversity of creative art and music experiences, dramatic play, storytelling, field trips and daily outdoor play. Nature and science themes are explored as part of our carefully planned curriculum.


"What a wonderful play-centered preschool!  When you attend this preschool you become part of a family with a special staff and other parents.  It is a very open environment, great playground, lots of building and playtime, singing, imaginative play...everthing a three and four year old needs!" 


"I feel so lucky to have found this school! Wonderful director and long term, caring, smart, nurturing staff.  This school celebrates this very special time in your child's life.  The relatively small size ensures that every teacher there will know your child by name.  My children have had an amazing experience there and I will be so sad when my last child completes the program."


"Amazing preschool!  What a warm and friendly play based environment.  My two sons have attended CMP and we all love it!  The staff is great with children and it is a great little community.  My boys have learned a lot and made great friends.  I would definitely recommend this preschool!"